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Ecuador Travel

Quito: Quito is unarguably one of the top spots for Ecuador travel and South America tours. The old town section of the capital city offers those who travel to Ecuador a bounty of colonial architecture and colorful plazas to explore. The churches and monasteries are chock-full of remarkable art and architecture and form a centerpiece of South American travel itineraries. Include the Plaza Grande and the Palacio Grande on your list of Ecuador travel “must-sees.” And, of course, any Ecuador travel plans have to include a visit to the Equatorial Monument at Mitad del Mundo (literally, “middle of the world”), located a tiny bit off 0 degrees latitude. Hop aboard the capital city's telefériQo, a sky train that takes travel to Ecuador to a new level, going up the side of the Pichincha volcano to Cruz Loma.  
Cuenca: Although not as large as Quito, Cuenca is another important city to see when you travel to Ecuador. Explore the Parque Calderon Plaza and the Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción before descending the stone stairs to amble along the shores of the Rio Tomebamba. From Cuenca, head to Ingapirca to explore another South America travel staple, Ecuador's largest Incan ruins. Most Ecuador travel plans include lots of stops for souvenirs, and one place to shop for handicrafts and other items is the colorful Otavalo Market.  
Amazon Jungle: The Amazon basin is vast, includes six Ecuadorean provinces, and provides tourists who travel to Ecuador one of the most amazingly diverse outdoor experiences they could hope for. Whether you want to trek through the jungle, explore the waterways via canoe, experience jungle living in one of the area villages, or see some of the most amazing bird species in the world, your Ecuador travel itinerary must include a trip to the Amazon jungle. You must have a guide to visit the nature reserves, so make sure to arrange for one when making your South America travel plans.  
Cotopaxi Volcano: Located about 50 km south of Quito, Cotopaxi Volcano rises above the landscape and forms a highlight of Ecuador travel. Climbing at Cotopaxi is one of the most popular activities for visitors who plan to make the outdoors a prime focus of their travel to Ecuador. Past eruptions have formed a series of interlocking valleys and enriched the land around the José F. Ribas Refuge, located at an elevation of 4,800 m, which is a popular spot for wildlife enthusiasts and birders on South America tours.  

Guayaquil: Ecuador's most populous city, Guayaquil, is Ecuador's primary port and was founded in the 16th century. Most people who travel to Ecuador plan a stop to this major South America travel destination appreciate the vastly different cultural influences that have shaped it. Visit the historic neighborhood of Las Peñas, located along the river, or stroll along 9 de Octubre, a major pedestrian thoroughfare lined with shops and boutiques. Wander along the Malecón, a major town square along the river and a hot spot for Ecuador travel veterans. If you're planning to visit the Galapagos Islands, Guayaquil is one of the major launching points for travel to the islands.  
Otavalo: Otavalo is one of the most intriguing and exotic towns in Ecuador. Only about 2 hours from Quity, Otavalo is easy to reach; on your journey there, be sure to stop in some of the many interesting little towns that each have something different to offer. Once you’ve arrived in Otavalo, you’ll find incredible shopping, an exciting cuisine, and historic culture. One of the most popular activities in Otavalo is the shopping, which is known as the best market throughout Ecuador. You’ll find many different goods like cultural and artisanal goods, alongside a wide variety of clothing and food items.