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Brazil Travel

Brazil is a destination that all people must see at least once in their life.  Because of its exciting, colorful, and passionate zest for life, Brazil is an unforgettable destination that you will want to visit more than once. The travel options here are endless.  From beautiful beaches, Amazon adventures, wild life of the Pantanal, historic UNESCO cities like Ouro Preto, Salvador and others, you will not be disappointed.  Dance extravaganza and intoxicating music during Carnival, or a romantic honey moon in Buzios are just a few of the escape options that you might consider.  Because of its diverse immigration, there is a superb culinary mix generating an unforgettable experience.   It’s a destination that thrives with warm weather in most cities throughout the year.  Great food, music, museums, fashion, and so much more!

Rio de Janeiro: Rio de Janeiro is referred to as the playground capital of Brazil. Copacabana, nestled between Sugar Loaf and Corcovado, make Rio de Janeiro an indescribable place to be.  It’s a city that lives 24 hours.  During the day, people worship the sun, the sand, and play outdoor sports on the beach.  Brazilians live for soccer, so it’s no surprise that they have been world champions many times. Carnival is the highlight of the year and it takes place sometime in February (weekend before Ash Wednesday), and they prepare for this event all year round. Night life, good eating, and great music make Rio de Janeiro an unforgettable city.  The best time to visit is from November through April.

Buzios: Synonymous with honeymooning, relaxation, sun, and the beach, Buzios is a year round destination. It is a small fisherman’s village, which is now a booming seaside resort with small boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, and upscale properties. Buzios is laid back, keeping a small town atmosphere but also possessing great restaurants and entertainment. Only 2 hours from Rio de Janeiro, it is a great getaway from the big city.

Iguazzu Falls: Located at the boarder of Brasil-Argentina-Paraguay, Iguazzu Falls is one of the largest water falls in the world, with the second largest hydro electrical plant in the world. Iguazzu Falls can be visited both from the Brazilian side and Argentinean side, both spectacular and worthy of viewing. It can be seen by walking along the catwalk or taking a boat close to Devil’s Throat. A one night visit will be enough to cover both sides, and may be reached from Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo.

Manaus: In the heart of the largest jungle in the world, the Amazon, Manaus is located on the confluence of the Amazon & the Rio Negro. Here, you will find animals and plants only known to this part of the world. Manaus is a destination for the adventurer at heart, although there are comfortable lodges and limited amenities available. Hiking, fishing and wild life thrive here.  The best time to go is from July to November, the peak month being October.

Salvador-Bahia: Founded in 1549, Salvador is the second most important city in the Portuguese Empire after Liston. Salvador is the original capital of Brazil and possesses the largest afro community, because of the thousands of slaves that were brought here to work on the sugar plantations over 400 years ago. The fusion of African and Latin cultures has resulted in a kind of magic of its own, most notable during festivals like Carnival, which is celebrated in November.  The religious beliefs are still very much alive.   One can anticipate beautiful beaches and historical sites, with much dedication to its afro heritage.

Recife & Fortaleza: Both cities of Recife and Fortaleza are located on the northeast seashore of Brazil. This area has great weather all year round because of its proximity to the Equator.  One can expect very little rain and beautiful beaches. Recife has a big Dutch influence, as the Dutch settled here for over 100 years.  They left behind some of their culture in hand made goods and it would be worth your while to look into their open markets. Recife is also the gateway to Fernando de Norogna, an island on the Atlantic coast which is known for the scuba diving and “pink dolphins.”  Fortaleza is known for its beaches, sun dunes, and sport.

Belo Horizonte & Ouro Preto: In the state of Minas, these cities are considered undiscovered jewels of Brazil. An hour away, by air, from Rio de Janeiro, you will find a group of cities that are all UNESCO heritage destinations and should be placed on the “must see” list.  Culture, architecture, and history are the most important aspects of this area. A photographer’s paradise, every corner possesses its rod iron lanterns, cobble streets, and Portuguese architecture that will take your breath away.

Pantanal: Located in the Central West Region of Brazil, the Pantanal, located in Mato Grosso and Goias, are the most popular of the area. Boasting great sport fishing, forests, open meadows, and well-preserved swamps, they shelter a great diverse fauna. The large cattle ranches and plantations offer accommodations and guided tours to visitors.

Sao Paolo: Brazils financial capital, as well as the largest city in Brazil and Latin America. It has been compared with New York many times. If you like large cosmopolitan cities, this is the place to be. You can anticipate great restaurants, museums, and one of the largest opera houses in South America.

Brasilia: The capital of Brazil, and situated in the middle of the country, it is a landmark in the history of town planning by architect Oscar Niemeyer. Among the most beautiful buildings are the Plaza of the Three Powers and the Hall of Government. UNESCO has named it a World Heritage Site.

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