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Bolivia Travel

La Paz: Any Bolivia travel plans should kick off with a trip to La Paz, a bustling city rimmed by soaring mountains. Begin your La Paz experience by visiting the colorful open-air markets that form a highlight of many South America tours, like Mercado de Hechiceria for handicrafts and local flavor or the Mercado de Brujas (Witches' Market) for herbs and native medicines. Make sure your Bolivia travel plans include a stop at the Museo Nacional de Arte, located in a former palace and chock full of opportunities to learn about the country's past. As the highest governmental capital in the world, tourists who travel to Bolivia will be swept away by the city's unique architecture that literally blankets the valley floor. If a little hair-raising adventure is part of your Bolivia travel plans, hop on a bike and cruise the main road from La Paz to Coroico for some amazing views as well as lots of twists and turns.

Tiwanaku Ruins: Travel to Bolivia is richer when you know more about the history and culture of the country, and that's just what you'll get when you explore its pre-Columbian era at Tiwanaku, an important archaeological site that reflects the earliest days of Andean culture and features huge, intricately carved rock sculptures. A nearby museum is a must-see for those whose Bolivia travel plans include learning all they can about the area's prehistoric cultures. Stretch your legs at the city's16th-century church as well as several restaurants, hotels and shops.

Moon Valley: Also known as Valle de la Luna and located a few miles from La Paz, Moon Valley provides those who travel to Bolivia with some amazing landscapes. Enter the site, and you'll understand the reason for its name: Often featured as a primary Bolivia travel destination, Moon Valley features a seemingly endless series of craggy peaks eroded over the centuries. The mountains varied colors, from tan to red and purple, are another draw for South America tours.

Lake Titicaca: The tiny village of Huatajata offers an idyllic jumping-off point for Bolivia travel enthusiasts who plan on visiting the islands in the center of Lake Titicaca. The lake itself is an important destination for South America tours, and it plays an important role in Andean history as well. South America tours that include travel to Bolivia frequently include visits to the Sun & Moon Islands, where legend says the sun and the moon were born. Be sure to visit the museum at Cha’llapampa and explore the ancient pre-Columbian ruins that dot the islands.

Uros Iruitos Floating Islands: The floating islands are hands-down one of the most popular destinations for Bolivia travel. Why? They're not made of land – they're made of plants that form a mat capable of supporting the people who live there. The native Uros moved to the islands centuries ago to distance themselves from the aggressive Incans.

Uyuni Salt Lake: The Uyuni Salt Lake, or Salar de Uyuni, is the world's largest salt flat and a major destination for many South America travel enthusiasts. Hiking the trails will bring you past several mineral lakes that are home to flocks of flamingos, a highlight of Bolivia travel for anyone with even a passing interest in nature. South America tours frequently include a trip to these lakes, which range in hues from blue to red, thanks to their high concentrations of minerals.

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